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Teeth Teeth Teeth

Find Yer Own

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The Tuts House.

3, abandoned adventures, action pact, androgeknees with androgeneeds, angie reed, atilla the kunt, b movies, bad ovary, bad potassium, bad taste, beat happening, being boombastic, being into seatbelts, being murphspy, big bad polyp, bikini kill, bipedal, bloodhag, braiding armpit hair, bratmobile, bus babies, centralia, cometbus, crashed cars, crass, cuts, dada, dead boys, dead prez, destruction of my face, doomhawk, drawing and painting sometimes, dumpstering, ear cleanings with q-tips, egon schiele, experiments, fake words, forts, fucked up teeth, full moons, gogol bordello, holy ghost revival, homemade tattoos, hustler white, john waters, kalama, kendall kegaul, klezmer music, kunts, les georges leningrad, lickin pussy, lil kid fun, looking bad, loving and being loved, magic, makin out, masturbation, math jokes, mattress, menstruation, mika miko, mike hunt, mind adventures, moat styles, mooniversaries, motoruba speaking, mustaches, my own private idaho, nicknames, night time, old houses, oldies, op ivy, other peoples photo albums, ovaries, patsie instead, people cooking for me, period blood, pillow fight fight, portland, revolutionaries, rust, scream club, sculptures, sewing, sex positivism, shoplifting, skinny dipping, sleep overs, stereo total, stranger than paradise, stripes, stripmall seizures, sunny days on roofs, t. rex, taking pictures sometimes, talking, tarot cards, the 400 blows, the addicts, the avengers, the bananas, the blow, the buzzcocks, the cramps, the curious murphy's, the donnas (old shit), the dump, the gossip, the mighty misconstructed dinoloar, the moldy peaches, the teenage harlets, the toy dolls, the twitch, the undertones, the vibrators, thunderstorms, tom waits, tracy + the plastics, trashy towns, traveling, tree forts, tuesdays, war movies, washin my armpits, wearing sewn boys clothes, world war 2, worn in clothes, wrinkles, x, zero boys, zines